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In Central London we don’t need in most of the cases any kind of public transportation (maybe we can take a Barclay’s bike) because everything can be found at the same place. If we live in zone 1, and don’t want to go far away from our home if our tooth is hurting, we can seek an emergency dentist in our neighbourhood. Walk in dentists are also a solution, but it is always advisable to make a phone call. is a place where our problems can be treated easily close to us.

Because it is near the British Museum, many transportation options are available to get to the place. They accept patients after the daily work-hours, so we don’t have to skip a day at our jobs. Dental bridges and dental implants are both very casual treatments at these places, but of course for these, you need to get there more than once, to prepare the impressions, and to make the implants in question. Of course, at the first visit the most important is to remove the pain. Because of the advanced nature of these treatments, we can have very high quality materials in our mouth, which will stay there for our entire life. Money wise, we can stay on the affordable side most of the times. Of course a complete teeth restoration is more expensive, but what to expect, it is for forever we can say.



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